As God inspires me to pray for your finances:
I come against every conspiritor and schemer assigned by the enemy to rob you and to swindle your finances out of your hand. May God block every thief and robber that would dare to put thier hands into you pockets. I come against every demon assigned to bring you into debt and and to waste you substance. I nulify the plans of the enemy to create situations to cause you to release your finances to unworthy recipients. I dispatch the angles to guard every seed you have planted and to ensure their growth. I pronounce death upon every caterpillar and palmer worm and cankerworm that have been eating up your money... I block the devourer today! I summons Holy Ghost needles financial threads to stitch up every hole in your pockets. May thieves and robbers never find your address. For every plot to drain you, may God add to you instead! Idecree and declare that from this day forward, Your finances shall remain and shall increase. Your seed shall grow and bring fort abundance.. I decree and declare that no more weapons that have been formed against your finances shall be able to prosper.. in the mighty name of Jesus.. May God's plan to prosper you according to Jeremiah 29:11, begin to come to fruition today, in the mighty name of Jesus.. And it is so.. Agape!